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Michigan State University


»The College of Education, Department of Economics, and School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Michigan State University offer an interdisciplinary doctoral specialization in the economics of education. The program is intended for students wanting to carry out research on questions about education using quantitative methods from economics. Fellows in the program will learn how to study topics such as the effects of teacher quality and other resources on student achievement, the effects of school finance reform, the effects of school choice policies, the effects college admissions policies, and the impact of early childhood education.  Fellows may also work on the development of advanced methodological techniques for identification of promising policies and practices and the evaluation of their effectiveness.

The training program draws on core faculty teaching in six doctoral programs -- Economics, Education Policy, K-12 Administration, Labor & Industrial Relations, Measurement & Quantitative Methods, and Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education. Fellows will complete the new specialization while completing a doctoral program in one of those six programs. Their training includes special coursework, apprenticeships on research projects with core faculty, summer internships at leading research organizations, and opportunities to meet with distinguished visiting scholars. Fellows receive generous financial support and become part of an interdisciplinary national network of scholars and practitioners conducting and using education research.

PI: Robert E. Floden

Predoctoral training information