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Northwestern University

School of Education and Social Policy: Postdoctoral Program

The Postdoctoral Research Training Program in Education Sciences is housed within the Center for the Improvement of Quantitative Methods for Policy Research in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University. This training program is based on the premise that there is a crucial shortage of researchers with adequate training and practical experience in quantitative research methods. This program is designed to enable fellows to obtain both training in advanced measurement, research design, and statistical analysis methods as well as practical experience in their application in significant educational research projects.

Recent PhD recipients in education, statistics, public policy, or a quantitative social science are eligible to apply. Those with strong methodological or quantitative preparation are especially encouraged. Fellows will be appointed for up to two years. During that time fellows will work with the director to prepare a professional development plan for their work during and after the fellowship period. Fellows will work in one of a variety of substantive and methodological educational research projects at Northwestern University. These include projects on the design of large scale randomized experiments, methods for the synthesis (meta-analysis) of large-scale educational research studies, the social distribution of academic achievement, the development of language, mathematical, and spatial skills (and particularly the relation between input factors and the development of these skills in young children).

Principal Investigator: Larry Hedges

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