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Ohio State University

Children's Learning Research Collaborative Fellowships for Postdoctoral Research Training in the Education Sciences

Postdoctoral fellows in this program will receive training focused on designing and testing interventions intended to strengthen the language and literacy skills of children. Four fellows will be recruited to join the Children's Learning Research Collaborative (CLRC). Each fellow will receive two years of training.

As members of CLRC, the fellows will have the opportunity to:

  • focus on critical educational issues that respond to current pressing concerns;
  • participate in collaborative and authentic relationships with key education stakeholders;
  • develop skills in rigorous research design and the use of causally interpretable methodologies; and
  • learn from researchers with a range of interdisciplinary expertise.

Fellows will work on grant projects, attend research groups, learn advanced methods for identifying malleable factors; develop instructional practices that are theoretically driven, empirically based, and feasibly implemented; and rigorously evaluate the causal impacts of such practices when implemented under controlled conditions and under normal conditions. Fellows may audit classes and conduct research-related internships within alternative settings such as the Columbus Metropolitan Library or the Ohio Department of Education.

Through their training, fellows will develop:

  • academic skills (i.e., the skills faculty must possess in order to be successful, such as writing peer-review quality manuscripts and grant proposals),
  • technical skills (i.e., the skills researchers need to successfully engage in high-quality rigorous research), and
  • practical skills (i.e., skills researchers need to conduct work in the educational settings, such as the ability to interact well with parents, teachers, school administrators and policymakers).

PI: Laura Justice
Postdoctoral Training Information