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Carnegie Mellon University

Postdoctoral Training in Interdisciplinary Education Research (PostPIER)

» The Postdoctoral Training Program in Interdisciplinary Education Research seeks applicants from strong doctoral programs in areas such as psychology, computer science, or STEM education. Selected trainees will work with faculty in CMU’s Department of Psychology, Human Computer Interaction Institute, or the Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center. Training will focus on cognitive, metacognitive, and/or motivational foundations for developing and implementing evidence-based instructional methods that can improve teaching and learning in authentic educational settings. Content emphasis will be closely related to the development and efficacy goals in IES programs in Cognition and Student Learning, Math and Science Education, and Educational Technology.

For more information, please contact David Klahr, Director


Postdoctoral Training in Children's Mathematics Learning

The Postdoctoral Training in Children's Mathematics Learning at Carnegie Mellon University provides fellows with the opportunity to develop their understanding of contemporary theories and methods of cognitive development, and the opportunity to actively participate in research that focuses on experimental methods for testing interventions to improve learning. Participants in this program work with faculty on projects which seek to identify the components of interventions shown to be highly effective in increasing the numerical knowledge of low-income preschoolers; use microgenetic methods to understand the sources, paths, rates, breadth, and variability of learning through interventions; examine whether and how teacher aids influence learning; and determine whether the combination of overlapping waves, statistical learning, socio-cultural, and dynamic systems theories can produce insights into learning of fractions given middle school students' previous learning about whole numbers. The experience of the fellows focuses on identifying key topics for investigation, planning, designing, conducting, and analyzing data from the studies, publishing in journals, presenting at conferences, and writing grant applications.

For more information, please contact Robert Siegler, Director

Carnegie Mellon and RAND Traineeships (CMART) in Methodology and Interdisciplinary Research

» Funded by the US Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences, CMART focuses on practical statistical, quantitative and methodological training needed for scientifically rigorous education research. CMART postdoctoral trainees work on one or more interdisciplinary projects led by researchers affiliated with Carnegie Mellon, RAND, or the NSF-funded Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center (PSLC), as well as their own research.

Possible projects include:

  • Development of an online tutoring system for middle school math;
  • Randomized controlled trials evaluating instructional coaching, online geometry or reading tutors, and other interventions;
  • Study of the consequences of broad reform in large urban school districts;
  • Educational data mining for online tutors; and
  • Value-added and related evaluation of teacher performance.

Brian Junker, Director
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