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Stanford University

The Post-Doctoral Research Training Program in the Education Sciences is housed within a new educational policy research center at the Stanford University School of Education. The Center is based on the premise that important research in education requires the skills of multiple researchers, working collaboratively over extended periods of time. Qualified applicants might enter into the Post-Doctoral Fellowship through doctoral training programs in schools of education, public policy or allied discipline based departments. The Fellowship will center on one or more of the ongoing research projects of the Center faculty, which currently include a) the study of teacher labor markets; b) the effects of teacher pre-service training and continuing professional development; c) the effects of early childhood education programs; d) the effects of programs for English-language learners; e) the introduction of technology into schools; f) efficiency and adequacy in educational finance; and g) methodological development to improve causal inference in educational research using value-added methods and quasi-experimental designs.

Principal Investigator: Sean Reardon

Postdoctoral Training Information