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Stanford University

Interdisciplinary Predoctoral Training Program in Quantitative Educational Policy Analysis

»The Stanford University Interdisciplinary Predoctoral Training Program in Quantitative Education Policy Analysis is designed to provide doctoral students in social science disciplines (especially Economics, Sociology, Political Science, though it is open to students in other departments as well) and in the School of Education with advanced training in state-of-the-art quantitative methods of discipline-based educational policy analysis.  Education policy, for the purposes of this program, encompasses federal and state educational policy and law and school district policies and practices pertaining to school leadership, human resources, curricula, and instructional practices, as well as the impact of other social policies (e.g., immigration law and policy, child care policy) as they pertain specifically to educational processes and outcomes.  The program is designed on the principle that high-quality quantitative scholarship on education policy must draw on a complex mix of substantive knowledge regarding the organization of schooling and the educational policy environment; theoretical and conceptual frameworks grounded in the social science disciplines (including economics, sociology, political science, developmental psychology, and history); and sophisticated methodological tools to leverage available data and design informative studies.  The program is designed to provide training in these three areas.  Specifically, PhD students in the program participate in an interdisciplinary core curriculum consisting of coursework in education policy, discipline-based theory, and applied quantitative research methods, including a 1-year course in methods of applied quantitative policy analysis, a course in measurement, several elective courses in statistics, and an ongoing interdisciplinary workshop in quantitative education policy analysis.  Students will receive additional training through research apprenticeships with core faculty in the training program, a series of annual summer advanced training workshops, an ongoing education policy analysis speaker series, and a series of annual conferences on education policy analysis.

PI: Sean Reardon

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