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University of California-Berkeley

University of California-Irvine

Postdoctoral Training Program on Human Capital Interventions in Development

Postdoctoral fellows in this program will receive training in a variety of methodological techniques while participating in studies that explore the effects of education interventions across childhood and adolescence. Four fellows will be recruited to join an interdisciplinary research team housed in the Department of Education and led by faculty with appointments in the Department of Education, Department of Economics and Paul Merage School of Business. Over the course of a two-year fellowship, each fellow will gain substantive knowledge of policy-relevant education outcomes such as school readiness, behaviors that support learning in academic contexts, and higher order thinking in core academic content while acquiring methodological and statistical skills using the latest experimental and quasi-experimental methods.

During their training, fellows will receive close mentoring from program faculty and will audit classes in child and adolescent development and research methods as needed, attend seminars and meetings, present at national research conferences, write papers, and hone their skills in specific methodological techniques including randomized controlled trails; propensity score matching; instrumental variables; fixed effects; interrupted time series; regression discontinuity analysis; and quantile regression and other distributional estimators. In addition, fellows will gain practical experience by helping to plan and run large research projects and by supervising research assistants.

Principal Investigator: Greg Duncan

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