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University at Buffalo, State University of New York

University of California-Los Angeles

Doctoral Training Program in Advanced Quantitative Methods in Education Research

The UCLA Department of Education (in the Graduate School of Education & Information Studies) and the UCLA Department of Psychology offer a program of interdisciplinary doctoral training dedicated to producing world-class quantitative educational researchers. The doctoral program in Advanced Quantitative Methods in Education Research is intended for students who want to become expert methodologists who are well trained in substantive education areas and educational policy issues. Program fellows will become the next generation of education scientists able to conduct rigorous educational research that advances knowledge in the field and provides useful information about important educational issues to practitioners and policymakers.

The program brings together faculty from Education, Psychology, Biostatistics, and Sociology to offer advanced training in research design, statistics, and educational policy issues, and to provide practical research experience with complex, real-world educational issues and problems. The program includes special opportunities in research related to teaching, learning, and testing in mathematics. Fellows receive financial support, have access to specialized resources and leading researchers, and become part of a national network of students, faculty and practitioners conducting interdisciplinary research in the education sciences. Graduates of the program receive a Certificate in Education Sciences in addition to a doctorate in their discipline.

PIs: Noreen Webb, Mike Seltzer, Steve Reise

Predoctoral Training Information