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University of Missouri, Columbia

Missouri Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Research and Training Program

This IES Postdoctoral Research Training program will prepare fellows to conduct rigorous research on teacher training, including evaluation of training practices and development of teacher training models to support teachers in using effective practices that will lead to improved academic outcomes for students. Four fellows will be trained for 2 years each and will be provided opportunities for collaboration with practitioners, researchers, educational leaders, and policy makers. In the program, the fellows will: 1) work closely with an education research mentor to plan a line of independent research, 2) audit courses in research methods and statistics, 3) learn how to develop and sustain meaningful researcher-practitioner partnerships, and 4) and participate in a community of interdisciplinary scholars grounded in public health and implementation science. Research opportunities cover a range of IES goals and three IES topics: Effective Teachers and Effective Teaching, Early Learning Programs and Policies, and Social and Behavioral Context for Academic Learning.

Co-PIs: Keith Herman, Chris Riley-Tillman, Nianbo Dong