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University of Virginia

Curry School of Education

The University of Virginia's Interdisciplinary Predoctoral Training Program in Education Sciences builds upon the Curry School of Education's interdisciplinary focus on risk and prevention and educationally-relevant research in a range of departments in the College of Arts and Sciences. Research themes within this program focus on developmental risk, school readiness, classroom contexts, and teacher workforce quality. The traineeship emphasizes the systematic integration of practice, public policy, and research from an interdisciplinary perspective as fellows establish a methodologically rigorous and cumulative research progam to address questions of clear educational relevance. The program features intensive research apprenticeships, interdisciplinary seminars, and a rigorous core of statistical and methodological training so that students are prepared to complete research along a continuum ranging from descriptive hypothesis-generating work to applied hypothesis-testing field trials.

PI: Robert Pianta

Predoctoral training information