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Vanderbilt University

Experimental Education Research Training (ExpERT)

What works in education, and for whom, under what circumstances? Vanderbilt's Experimental Education Research Training (ExpERT) program features an integrated sequence of graduate courses in statistics, measurement and design, along with courses in educational practices, context and learning to address these questions.

As a Ph.D. student, you will join researchers from a variety of disciplines—quantitative methods, psychometrics, education, psychology, economics, public policy and more—to acquire expertise in planning, executing and analyzing high-quality experimental and quasi-experimental studies. The ExpERT program is taken in conjunction with the doctoral course work in the Departments of Leadership, Policy and Organizations; Psychology and Human Development; Special Education; or Teaching and Learning. Students in the ExpERT program thus apply to a home department, and complete the doctoral work in that home department program, while also completing a supplementary program of study in the ExpERT program.

The doctoral program has recently been redesigned to maximize synergy between faculty and students. The program focuses on current issues of research and practice, and offers students considerable flexibility to pursue their developing goals and interests. Each of the four departments provides a graduated apprenticeship in becoming a creative scholar and a university teacher.

PI: David Cordray

Predoctoral Training Information